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Our Mission

We all know that children have different learning styles. Some are visual, others auditory or tactile, and others a combination of all of them. Yet most traditional classrooms teach in an exclusively visual way. When taking a multi-sensory approach to learning, we help kids to engage more comprehensively, as we provide context and present the same information but in different ways.

This is what Different Is Good is all about! We believe that by addressing different learning styles simultaneously, we will be encouraging children to discover their very own learning style, in a playful and engaging way

Our products do exactly that! Its stimulate visual, tactile and auditory learning, build fine motor and cognitive skills, encourage problem solving and have downloadable audio files in 7 languages: Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, French, Spanish, English and German!

Our mission is then to help you to introduce your kids to the wonders of learning and exploring with all the senses! We feel, we see, we hear and, more importantly, we encourage children to apply what they are learning by presenting the material from different angles.
Learning isn’t a linear process, we explore with our senses and we reinforce this by presenting the information in different ways and in different languages. 
So why continue using the same linear system?

Happy learning!