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Wooden Swords and Shields

Introducing our new collection: Knights & Quests ... wooden swords and shields!

Knights are iconic when it comes to the values that we want our kids to develop throughout life: kindness, courage, bravery, trustworthiness, humility, faithfulness. It was always in the back of our minds to develop an awesome product that would help children to roleplay with real knight stuff… swords and shields that actually look and feel like the real thing. That is when Knights & Quests was born… A line of wooden accessories made for those amazing pretend play experiences that your kid needs.

Pretend play is a very important part of childhood development. Ignite imagination and allow children to discover their own personalities and abilities. Through roleplaying kids make sense of their surroundings and this helps them to understand life events in a relaxed way. So choose your quest, and set off on your next adventure!

IMPORTANT INFO:  As wooden toys are 100% hand-made items, dispatch is estimated at around 7 days if item isn’t in stock. Please bear with us! The wait will be worth it 😊