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Out of ideas for Easter-crafts? Try these different yet easy to do activities that will bring some fun during this lockdown Easter!

So Easter is here already!  … and I am sure that with the kids at home you can’t find enough Easter-ish activities to do with them. As you have probably already used up all the ideas about painting eggs and cutting out bunny shapes, I thought I would post some cool alternative activities that are a bit different and that you can do with common household items.

The first activity is a super easy Easter Basket.

easy Easter eggs basket

I don’t know you, but it’s a little tradition we have that every year my children make a basket in which to go and collect their Easter eggs. Well this year – being stuck under lockdown - we didn’t have a lot of choice when it came to materials, so we used some craft paper that we had stashed away.  For this one I will just add the link to the Pinterest video that I used as a tutorial. The only material required is craft paper, and when it comes to decoration you are only limited by your imagination 😊

The second activity is an Easter-inspired mobile.

Easter mobile dream catcher craft

Basically, we collected branches and tied them  together in a pretty configuration (I used gardening wire to tie the branches together), and then I hanged it up for the kids to decorate! We put on some Easter music in the background (plenty available on Youtube!), brought out some hot chocolate, and basically we made a party of it! We spent the entire afternoon decorating our Easter-ish dream catcher.

You can also do a more lightweight version by collecting small branches and putting them in a vase, so you create a centerpiece-sized tree arrangement. Don’t get hung up on the fact that the decorations must be eggs or bunnies… let the kids use whatever they want to decorate - we used plastic flowers, bells, ribbons, key rings, etc.

The third and final activity: An eggshell-candle centerpiece.

Easter eggshells candles

I absolutely loved this activity as we used materials that we would normally throw in the bin… it’s the highest form of recycling 😊

For this activity you will need:

  • Eggs shells (in half are perfect)
  • Empty egg carton… a 12-piece egg tray would be ideal but you can cut one to any size you want
  • Old candles (for the wax and main part of your egg candles)
  • Flowers, grass leaves, twigs, etc for decoration purpose

recycling material for Easter candles

Start by recovering any old wax that you can from your candle holders, used tea lights etc. Break the old wax into chunks and melt them at low heat in an old pot (it doesn’t take long at all, less heat than for melting chocolate I would say). Of course, please exercise caution while doing this and use your common sense. While you wait for your wax to melt, cut little sections of a regular candle (about an inch tall, with a bit of wick sticking out the top) and put them into your eggshells (tip: position the eggshells in the final position you will want them in the egg carton, as it is a bit tricky to take them out of the carton once they are full of wax).  

easy easter candles

Pour the melted wax in the eggshells – basically you are just filling in around the little candle stumps you have put into each egg shell - and leave them to cool down. While you wait for the wax to solidify go and collect whatever you can find for decorating the empty spaces in your egg tray. Again, let the children take the lead on decorating it with whatever they want - don’t get too obsessed with the final result. What matters the most is the time spent together as a family, and that your children get a sense of accomplishment. This was a full morning activity, and we enjoyed every second of it. We will be using our beautiful center piece on every meal till the candles are finished 😊

Easter eggs candles decoration

I hope these different activities help you to make the most of this Easter during lockdown. Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Happy Easter!








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