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Nurturing the love for reading!... let’s bring those books alive!

Cultivating love for reading

Lately I have seen a lot people asking how to go about teaching your young kids to read. I will do a review on the method I use with my kids at a latest stage, but for now, bear in mind what is more important is to nurture a love of learning and reading. The way to get started with this is by making it exciting and relevant… as I always say, give context to whatever message you are trying to get across to your precious bundle, and your chances of success are greatly increased!

My little boy is absolutely obsessed with the story of “The Tin Soldier”, so I figured out that it would be pretty cool if we actually bring the book alive! This story has lots of easily replicable elements that make this possible…. A tin soldier, a paper ballerina, a cardboard castle, an exciting journey in a newspaper boat….

This project not only offers a great opportunity to be a start for my little guy, but also do some awesome craft with some recyclable material.

So, this is what we do:

  • Find yourself a suitable cardboard box… we used a milk box that held 6 1-litre UHT milk cartons. We cut some turrets along the edges, so it looks like a fortress.

Of course, we mustn’t forget about cutting a drawbridge to manage the traffic in and out the castle 😊

  • Next, for the towers… easy… toilet rolls. Just cut few windows and turrets along the edge and you are done (For the longer towers you can use either kitchen-towel rolls or glue two toilet paper rolls together).
  • Now the fun part….let your kids paint the castle any way they want. And when their creations are done, just glue the towers together with double-sided sticky tape.
  • The characters in this story are a paper ballerina that was 100% designed by my 5-year old and by the tin soldier… lets make it out of real tin! Buy a tin of cola and cut your tin soldier out of it 😊 light enough to navigate around on his newspaper boat (here a link on how to do the fold it, because to be honest, I forgot how to do a paper boat!)

how to make a paper boat

And voila! There you have it! Bring those stories alive and take the time to cultivate that love for learning. Stop focusing on knowledge and facts, that will come with time… where we need to assist right now is to help create an environment for children to explore at their own pace…. Focus on the journey and not on the final result. Just have fun and remember perfection doesn’t exist, just continued being the best mum for your little one!  

Happy playing!












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