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Easy activities to do with what you have - part 4

As we are getting to the end of a first period of lock down, before I post this week’s activities, I wanted to share a brief reflection of what I am seeing happening around me on social media. Lock down has - without a doubt - been a challenging time for all of us, but it has also been an opportunity to spend more time with our families try new ways of looking at or doing things. I have seeing communities working together to help each other, but also people being very quick to judge others because they would act or think differently to themselves.  

Just remember that - whatever the circumstances - if we adopt a positive attitude and try to understand the behavior of other people (who may have a good reason for what they do even if it is not immediately obvious) we are also most likely to be less hard on ourselves. But if we allow ourselves to get sucked into a cycle of negativity and propagate it (for example by posting it online) it will become very difficult to get out of it as we continue feeding the loop. Negativism is contagious - but that goodness so is laughter and positive thinking! So let’s keep positive and constructive and you will quickly see how this change in attitude will have a remarkable positive impact on you and your surroundings.

Now, let’s get to the activities for this week!

First activity of the week- Stone painting!

stones painting with kids

I don’t think this requires any explanation - just go hunting stones with your kids (just make sure they have a smooth surface) and paint them! We are going to use ours to decorate our fairy garden, but you can use them for whatever you want: filling a glass jar, decorating the garden, etc.

I enjoyed this activity so much that I couldn’t stop myself actually doing a few of them on my own 😊 My little boy loves superheroes, so, I painted a couple or superhero-stones for him. If you need more info in how I did this, here is the Pinterest video I watched.

superheroes stones painting for kids


Second activity – making the classic pom-pom!

making pom poms with children

For this I got inspiration from our Facebook post, so if you don’t remember how to do this iconic activity, here is  link to our post.


This is a great hand-dexterity activity as well as  a patience-exercise, as it will be complete only after days of work 😊 We engaged in this therapeutic activity while reading or telling stories (this also helps kids to practice multitasking).

I don’t know about you, but with recycling collections not being done at the moment I just can’t throw recyclable object to the bin without thinking about what I can do with them first. This has resulted in having hundreds of toilets paper rolls lined-up on my bathroom windowsill. I knew we will find something to do with them, and indeed we did…

Third and last activity of the week- Toilet paper rolls and corks stamps.

stamps activity for tots and preschool

This is such an easy activity to do with you toddlers. It was ideal for my 2 years old, nothing to explain, just let them go wild and make circles with different colors paints. I wouldn’t worry too much about trying to make a color lesson of it. Remember, it was Albert Einstein who said: “playing is the highest form of research”. We are doing this just for fun and to spend time together! And if your kids end up applying paint to other things – including themselves – then awesome, even better! Let creativity guide you and enjoy the free time with your kids.

So there you go! We had lots of fun with the kids while enjoying our free play. Remember, don’t feel guilty because you are not “teaching” something to your kids while having an activity. Children learn by osmosis! 😊  and they will pick up much more than you think when let them be

Hope you have a great week

Happy playing!






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