Easy activities to do with what you have - Part 2



Egg carton craft

As the lockdown continues, I thought it would be handy to carry on posting activities that you can do with what you have. I don't know about you but, as our recycling collection has been interrupted, I find myself surrounded by lots and lots of egg cartons. So, continuing with the spirit of using what we have, this week activities will be focusing on what you can do with, well…. egg cartons 😊

  1. Egg-carton mobile

I started straight away with our favourite. This wasn’t just fun to make but also became a central feature in our bedroom! My little girl uses it as a dream catcher, and every morning tells me all about the dreams that she remembers because of her mobile.

So here is what we did:

  • Cut out each little egg compartment one by one. These will be the flowers that you will be painting
  • Once you have painted them, let them dry and punch a hole in the middle
  • Cut 4 or 5 pieces of string. These are used for threading the flowers onto. We did 5 strings of different lengths, but that is entirely up to you
  • Find a nice branch that you can use to attach your threaded flowers to…
  • And voila! Hang your beautiful creation in your garden or wherever your little one’s heart desires…

craft and children

threading activities for kids

I promise you, it is a beautiful piece of art and they will be so proud to display it..


  1. Egg-carton cars

Tots easy activities to do with recycling material

I did this along with the mobile as this activity just required painting and is ideal for my 2-year old. We all painted the eggs carton together and while my little girl was doing the threading for her mobile, I finished up the wheels for the cars 😊

Super easy – just take four buttons and glue one to each corner of the egg-carton car for wheels and that’s it! I used hot glue but if you don’t have it, you can always sew them on.

Once you finish, you can either just let them play freely or make a car track with cardboard.


  1. Egg carton seedlings

planting with children

This is like a cheaper version of the “little garden” that Checkers did last year. You don’t need to buy seeds for it, just keep few seeds from what you are using in your kitchen… butternuts, pumpkin, apples or in this case, passion fruit. My kids love passion fruit, so we figured would be quite amazing if we try to grow our very own passion fruit plant.

Extremely easy… Just put soil in the egg carton, plant the seed and water regularly (don’t forget to place them in a  sunny spot). We also included the eggshell as will act as fertilizer and pest control (apparently slugs and snail can’t stand eggshells).

Taking care and responsibility of a plant is important for kids as they will be seeing the immediate effects of their actions. Remember how rewarding it was when you got plants growing for the first time? Well just think of the incredible sense of accomplishment your children will get when they start seeing the seeds sprouting!

And if the plant dies or it doesn’t work out? This is also good. Perfect doesn’t exist and making mistakes is how we learn. It will be a valuable opportunity to check what went wrong and explain that things required patience and hard work to get them right.

  1. Last activity of the week… the Rescue Mission!

creativity and imagination activity

I know, this one isn’t related to recycling but is was so much fun that I couldn’t help it, must post it 😊

I got the inspiration from a Pinterest board. Basically you “trap” figurines with masking tape (or any sticky tape) to a baking sheet and made up a story, so the kids have to “rescue” the figurines!

You can use any figurines you have, but what’s important is that the story you read or make up is relevant to the figurines. I used dog figurines and I read the “101 Dalmatians” to my kids. Once I finished reading the story, I told them that now is up to them to find the dogs and rescue them from the wicked Cruella De Vil (the villain of the 101 Dalmatians story). So, I hid the figurines and give them clues. Once they found them, they recued the figurines from the masking tape (great finger gym!) and took them to safety 😊 The Rescue Mission was a success!

And didn’t stop there... they went on to build a shelter for the animals, and give them food, water, etc… As usual the activity went beyond my expectations and it was wonderful to see them working together as a team!

emotions and kids

So, there you have it. We had lots of fun and what is more important, by doing these easy sorts of activities, kids understand that fun can be found anywhere if you just look for it.

Let me know how it goes - and have fun!





  • Natalia Kupfer

    Awesome! let me go how it goes :)

  • Natacha

    Love the rescue mission idea!!
    Thank you:)

  • Natacha

    Love the rescue mission idea!!
    Thank you:)

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