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Work on memory using figurines and a toothpaste box

Yes, that’s right! To work on memorization, you don’t need to torture your kids by sitting them down to memorize a string of words that have absolutely no context or relevance to their lives. Instead, make it fun and engaging by using figurines and an empty toothpaste box.

Here is what we did:

  1. Cut both ends of the toothpaste box, so both ends are fully open.
  2. Line up a series of figurines from your dinosaur set  - for example: T-rex, Diplodocus and Stegosaurus. Depending on your kids age you can vary it from 3 to 6 figurines. Really, this depends on where your kid is with memorization skills at that moment.

WARNING! If your kid can’t manage more than 2 or 3 figurines in the first go - it is fine – heck, with all the excitement I sometimes forgot what I put in there! Remember you are building memory skills and mostly having fun! So do not push them to excel at the first, second or even third try! We are learning in a creative and fun way so play the game along and enjoy.

  1. Once you name the figurines in sequential order, then push them inside the box one at a time, so they are out of sight.
  2. Now ask a question, such as: “Who is coming out of the box first?”, and also give your kid a little time to answer, and then push the figurines with a pen so the first figurine pops out of the other end of the box. You may need to demonstrate the game for the first round.
  3. Then ask: “Who is coming next?” and push the next figurine out and so on.

This is a great fun way to work on memory skills with you kids. Dinosaur names are also elaborate so it will add an extra layer to your exercise, but really you can do this with any other figurines. A variation for this exercise is to work on a pattern using different color pompoms for example.

Hope you enjoyed this fun learning game and let us know how it goes.

Happy playing!

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