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Spelling-proficiency: Sandpaper letters and Matching first letter-name game

As you know, our sets are a Montessori-inspired product. Hence, in this extra activity, we decided to integrate some classic Montessori tools. If you don’t have sandpaper letters, don’t stress! Use normal flash cards letter or anything you have handy.

  • Sort the initial letter of the animals you will be using. In this example I did G, H, D and C. And place them in a row.
  • Scatter the farm-animal cards that start with the letter you selected and let you kid select randomly. As they pick a card, spell the name emphasizing the first letter. Make the sound of each letter (not the name but the sound of the letter) and let your kid decide in which column this animal should go (G, H, D or C)
  • If your kid already knows his/her phonics, them all the 12 cards to sort and include more letters for them to sort.

This exercise is great to start teaching phonics and letter sounds to little ones and practicing with older kids. Involve the figurines to make it even more hands on!

Hope this help. Happy phonics!

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