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Slimy fruit and veggies hunt!

For this week extra-activity, we used the awesome textured rubbery counters from the Mystery bag- Touch & see  and some Slime to create this fun sensory tray and fine-motor dexterity exercise. 


What you will need:

  • Slime  Baff from Zimpli Kids (available at any toy shop) 
  • 24 rubber counters from your Mystery bag- Touch & see  
  • spoons, pipets and interesting bottles if you have otherwise any container will do
Set up

How to do it:

Fill the tray with water and sprinkle about 2 Tbs of slime, mix and let it set for at least 10min. Only add more to the desired consistency after you let it set and do not be tempt to add more after only 2min! just wait and you will see that it slowly become less watery and more slimy :)

slime settled
slimy veggie and fruit hunt

And now you are all set! place few spoons and containers for the kids to fish the fruits from the slime! Do not direct the activity! remember they are exploring so let them to it! 

Happy playing!

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