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Set your sensory table using your Farm animal set figurines

This is one of my favorites! It sparks the imagination and stimulates the tactile senses like a charm! And most of all, you can use literally anything that you have at hand to set up your sensory table.

This time our theme is Farm Animals and we will be using the figurines from the Farm Animal set. The idea is that we will be washing the dirty animals (working on their manual dexterity) and feeding the animals. Of course, these are just suggestions, as at the end of the day we want children to use their initiative and creativity.

Sensory table using farm animal figurines

washing farm animals sensory activity

sensory table activity

Find a table, ideally with compartments that you can use to separate the different things you have gathered. In this example, I filled the compartments with some oats, grass, mud and water. If you don’t have a sensory table with compartments, no problem! Use plastic containers and put them in the centre of the table where the children will be playing.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways in which you can use your sets - Keep checking for more inspiration.

Happy playing!

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