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Montessori-inspired Farm sensory tray!


Farm  animal sensory tray

Fun, open ended and self-direct learning activity… Sensory trays really check all the boxes. Its isn’t just a great way to let your child explore their senses and imagination but also will help them to work on finger dexterity (fine motor skills) which is so important when learning to write. Also, it is an excellent way to introduce vocabulary and work on language development.

If you want to take a step further and make it a full sensory experience, then use the audio files included in your farm animal set and get the kids to match the animals with their sounds! This is super fun and kids absolutely love it!

So here what you will need to make your Farm animal sensory tray:

  • Farm animal set figurines
  • Lentils, oats, beans, dry green peas or any other grain you have available and have interesting texture.
  • Little containers and spoons (preferable on different sizes and shapes)
  • Pretzels sticks for the “animal fences” 😊 so you can use them to define different areas on your tray e.g. the stables, the mud pit, etc
  • Grass, hay, flowers, pine cones or whatever you have handy for make it even more texture-rich
  • Animal sounds included with your farm set

Set everything in a big tray and let your kids go nuts! Encourage them to use the different spoons to filing the containers provided or even include little jugs to do some dry-pouring (great for working on the awareness of physical conservation concept-will discuss this on a future post)

 Montessori inspired Farm animal sensory bin

I will encourage you to engage with your kids on this wonderful activity without leading the activity.  Listen to the stories that they will be creating as they play freely  and follow the game 😊

Hope you enjoy and have a gorgeous time together as a family

Happy playing








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