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Dinosaur ice age fossil

Here another super fun and easy extra-activity that you can do with your Adventure Dinosaur set figurines.

  • Insert your favorite dinos in normal balloons and fill them with water.dinosaur figurine ice fossil
  • Leave it in the freezer for at least 12hrs so it is fully frozen
  • Take the balloons out of the freezer and get ready for some fun!

I gave my kids hammers and chisels so they can get the figurine out of the ice.

discovering dinosaur fossil

But after trying different options, my little one figured out that if she poured hot water over the ice, she will get the desired results quicker 😊

ice age fossil dinosaur

whereas my 3 years old, decided that actually the ice fossils were very slippery in the decking floor, so he used them as soccer balls!

Bottom line is, let them experience and solve the problem by themselves. There isn’t right or wrong way to do things.  This is the whole point of self-directed learning… anything could be a learning experience!

Happy playing!


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