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How to brings your Farm Animal Info-cards to life!

To help you get the most out of your multi-sensory set, here are some extra tips on how to turn the Farm animal Info cards into an additional sensory learning experience

Farm animal info cards

In this example we will use the “What do they eat” part of the cards, but you can do it with any of the categories. There are two ways to approach this activity:

  1. Match Animal-to-Food: Place the animal figurine with the appropriate food example
  2. Match Food-to-Animal: Find the right food for the animal

sensory activity for kids

1. Place the animal figurine with the appropriate food example:

classification activity for kids

This activity is better suited for when your children are already familiar with the info cards and they have an idea of what each animal eats. The goal here is to place the animals on the different food groups (guided by the info cards). Simply gather as many food examples as you can find – for example, bits of grass, corn, seed, flowers etc. Line your food samples up, and then select an info cards at random, read out loud what animal it applies to and then read out loud what the animal eats. Now ask your child to place the figurine on the right group. This not only reinforces what they have learned but it also brings the info card to life in a practical way that will be a much more memorable experience. The objective here is to work with your child’s to identify categories.

2. Find the right food for the animal:
Another approach is by letting your child find the correct food for the animal. This is a little more challenging. Mix all the food examples that you have collected into a single heap.
feed animals kids activity
Now select an info card – read aloud what the animal is, and what food they eat – and let your child separate out the food from the heap what the card says the animal will eat. 
matching activity for kids
The objective here is to focus on finding a target in a clutter group.


Keep an eye on this space and check how our community are finding innovative ways to use their sets in new ways… like Kate (mum from KZN) using the figurines from our Dinosaurs set to decorate his son’s birthday cake!

cake decoration with figurines

Thank you for  sharing your experiences and ideas with us, we love to hear from you and please keep sharing !

Happy learning!

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