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How do farm animals help us? Bringing your Info cards alive!

As usual, we are always finding ways to bring our sets alive! And the other day when my kids were playing at the “shops” with theirs Checkers ‘little shop’ collectables (#checkerslittleshop), an idea struck me on how to use these resources in a different way 😊

So, we took the Info-cards from the Farm animal Hands-on set and we started sorting the animal figurines based on how they helps us.

Here is what we did:

First, go through all the animals you are going to be working on one-by-one (we did six animals this time). Introduce the animal-card, the figurine and the relevant info-card. Explain how this animal helps us (based on what the info-card tells you) and find the relevant products among the little shop products. Then match them with the products on the info card - for example, Cows help us with the production of dairy products and meat. Ducks helps us with feathers, meat and eggs, etc.

Goats sorting activity
Duck matching products
Pig product sorting activity

Once your child knows what each animal produces, then let them sort by product. For example: Which of these animals produces milk?

Sorting farm animals by products
Sorting product by Info card in Farm Animals set

By using 3D elements such as the figurines and the little shop collectables, you make the experience much more memorable as the kids are PLAYING with the information! So all the material you have introduced in the cards suddenly becomes tangible. You can do it in an even more engaging way by introducing a little shopping trolley 😊

shopping trolley sorting activity

If you don’t have the little shop collectables, no worries!!! then use whatever you have available - any other food-shaped toy or even real products! Remember, don’t get hung-up on what to use for the activity, what your kids will appreciate most is that he/she is spending time with you.

Happy playing!


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