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Slimy fruit and veggies hunt!

For this week extra-activity, we used the awesome textured rubbery counters from the Mystery bag- Touch & see  and some Slime to create this fun sensory tray and fine-motor dexterity exercise.    What you will need: Slime  Baff from Zimpli Kids (available at any toy shop)  24 rubber counters from your Mystery bag- Touch & see   spoons, pipets and interesting bottles if you have otherwise any container will do How to do it: Fill the tray with water and sprinkle about 2 Tbs of slime, mix and let it set for at least 10min. Only add more to the desired consistency after you let it set and do not be tempt to add more after only 2min! just wait and you will see that it slowly become...

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Dinosaur Ice Age rescue!🦖🧊

For this week extra-activity we used the dinosaur figurines  from the Dinosaur Adventure set 🌟🦕 and some goo! to create this awesome sensory tray.  Super easy, all you need is : A tray water Gelli baff goo from Zimpli Kids (available at any toy shop)  Dinosaurs figurines from you Dinosaur Adventure set 🦕 If you have any polystyrene packaging lying around and you do not know how to re-use it? well, this is the moment  :) these pieces can be use to simulate "ice"  How to do it: Fill the tray with water and sprinkle about 2 Tbs of goo, mix and let it set for at least 10min. Only add more goo to the desired consistency after you let it set and do not be tempt to add...

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Sensory tray 🖐🏼 with frozen ❄️ shaving cream and sea creatures 🐳 🐚

As my little one is absolutely obsessed with sea creatures, we decided to do some sensory frozen shaving cream tray with the figurines from the Sea creatures and insects Mystery bag. This activity ticked so many boxes: They can feel  how the texture of the shaving cream changes with the temperature (changes on state of matter through temperature variation… yes, yes you can teach physics even to a 2 years old ), discovery of the animals as they find them in the “ocean” so they practice they vocabulary ( vocabulary building exercise) , they got to wash them clean( practical life skills development, very important), sort them by color, count them and assess which category has the least or the...

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Krispy Rice Dinosaur Egg Delights 🦖 🥚 🍡

As we always say, we never run out of ideas on how to use our products… and dinosaur are not an exception! This week we did scrumptious Krispy rice dinosaurs eggs with the kids so they will not just have fun making them and of course eating them (they are scrumptious!) but we also incorporated the cards so they were able to pair their dinosaur to the matching card. These dinosaur egg treats are surprisingly light, so do not be surprise if they ask for more! They are also super fun to eat as the mixture holds together very well and doesn’t come apart as they munch on it so they are really discovering the dinosaur bite by bite which...

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What’s the difference between Archeology and Paleontology?

Listening to the audio files of the Dinosaur Adventure activity set, we find out that the main difference between these two disciplines is well established. Paleontology studies the history of life on earth and is based on the study of fossils (of life forms such as plants, animals, microorganisms, fungi, etc.). Archeology, on the other hand, is the study of past human societies. Archeologists will consequently study artifacts, tools, ancient ruins and other remains that are evidence of those past societies. A cave-painting - being a form of artistic expression in past human societies - is therefore studied by archeologist, whereas dinosaur fossils are studied by paleontologists. To deepen this concept, I took advantage of my husband’s amazing artistic skills...

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